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After rebirth, my brother became my favorite

After rebirth, my brother became my favorite

After rebirth, my brother became my favorite

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    After rebirth, my brother became my favorite
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    Look back
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Zhen · black belly bullying brother × Fake · delicate and innocent sister (fake brother and sister) the legitimate daughter of the general, Miss Wen once infatuated and wrongly paid, all heroes fall she married the prince of Apocalypse at the age of 16, took charge of Fengyin at the age of 18 and became Queen Jingxian all the people in the world say that Wen Miao married the right husband, and her mother loved the world, with unlimited scenery and glory all over the world but no one knows that Wen Miao's life has been on the road of no return since he married Gu bandit Shi GU bandit Shi was afraid of Wen Jiajun and fabricated the so-called evidence of treason, which changed his father's military power. Wen Miao did not stop it, which indirectly led to his father's depressed death in the curse fearing the powerful Royal Marquis, bandit Gu Shi braved the world's long-term public and personally brought a cup of poisonous wine to kill the amazing young man however, when the cunning rabbit dies, the running dog cooks. When Wen Miao lost all his support, his former lover showed his true face and easily pushed her out in the face of national crisis after five years, when she returned, she was greeted with the stigma of the Manchu Dynasty. A decree was abolished, and the former queen Jingxian became a Cheap slave in Yongxiang in the twelve years of Wanle, Wen Miao was given poisonous wine, ending her miserable life but I never thought that I was reborn on Miss Xie Liu to Wen Miao's surprise, this girl Xie Liu is actually the sister of the Royal marquis Wen Miao, who lives a new life, sincerely treats him as his own brother with the guilt of his previous life but the little Marquis was not happy, and his words were provocative: "wanwan, who wants to be your brother, I will only be your brother!" update two chapters every day, and it will be more popular on holidays