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A wife cannot be lazy

A wife cannot be lazy

A wife cannot be lazy

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    A wife cannot be lazy
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    Li Shu
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    Happy Read
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2022-04-23 01:28:19
Three years ago, Anluo gave up her career and retired behind the scenes after she got married. A few months after her marriage, her mother-in-law and her eldest sister-in-law came one after another and became a "shit stirring stick" She contradicted her evil mother-in-law, singled out her daughter-in-law and outwitted Bai moonlight... Rong Yan couldn't bear to ask for a divorce to threaten Anluo. Unexpectedly, the woman agreed leave, I like you, but I'm too lazy to get used to you! Marriage is not money, away from the white moonlight, pick things Gu, evil mother-in-law, clean! Take away your millions of possessions and make a comeback later, he left her by the sea. He thought she would bow her head and ask for peace. She just trained her skills he panicked: "Mom doesn't want it, sister doesn't want it, just you." she said coldly: "I'm tired of it, I don't want you." ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ br > ‐ – ‐ – ‐ – ‐ br > PS: the big wolf turns into a small milk dog, and the Royal sister is still the story of the Royal sister face refreshing, he