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Did Mr. Shen remarry today

Did Mr. Shen remarry today

Did Mr. Shen remarry today

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    Did Mr. Shen remarry today
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    Seven summer leaves
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2022-01-23 09:24:49
"Being a good woman - a man with cold outside and hot inside, double cleanliness" Xu Mian was arranged for a blind date by her parents just after graduating from college. Everyone felt that she had burned Gao Xiang in her previous life to marry Shen Yi Shen's family has a big business, and Shen Yi is the object of admiration of countless women in cotton city. Xu Mian knows that Shen Yi doesn't like himself and marries her just like her because of her parents' orders even if one day Shen Yi suddenly gets tired of married life and wants to divorce her, she can accept it. After all, in her cognition, Shen Yi will marry her only because she is suitable for the status of "Mrs. Shen", and then she gave Shen Yi a "divorce agreement" on her wedding night until one day, Xu Mian couldn't stand the pressure of someone day and night: "let's divorce" the man glanced at her lightly and said coolly: "are you sure? You should not forget that if you want to divorce, you have to leave the house and have nothing" "..." that is, Xu Mian will face nothing: "I... Just play a joke with you" "pet Wen"

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