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Mrs. Shaw, she is charming

Mrs. Shaw, she is charming

Mrs. Shaw, she is charming

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    Mrs. Shaw, she is charming
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    An LAN
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    Beauty Read
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"President Xiao, this muralist is infamous and vain. I suggest you replace him." "my woman, do you have a problem?" * approaching him is the time when she is at a dead end and he has planned for a long time he gave a cold warning: "you're just a lover, you're not qualified to have my child, and you're the most valuable face!" as he wished, she despised and alienated him she still wants to end he refused to let go, "you and I have to die!" She sneered and sneered, "love me, you don't deserve it!" * the news of his marriage came out, and the bride was not her she finally lost her temper he hugged her tightly and said happily, "good! You are finally willing to be jealous for me..." surprised! How can she get pregnant if she takes contraceptives on time?