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The prime minister dotes on his wife like life

The prime minister dotes on his wife like life

The prime minister dotes on his wife like life

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    The prime minister dotes on his wife like life
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    White Jasmine
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    Canela books
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2021-11-30 15:53:29
A small Constable captured the prime minister's heart and successfully became the prime minister's wife. The prime minister spoiled his wife like life. She was molested. He beat the son of the Minister of household. She was isolated by the women's dependents. He supported her and spoiled her to her bones Bai Su Ni is the Chief Constable of Fengtian city and the expert in investigating cases. The idol she has liked for five years is the first swordsman of Yan Dynasty. She is talented, likes drinking, unrestrained and loves freedom. A portrait has attracted the hearts of women all over the world unexpectedly, the house collapsed when she waited for her first meeting in five years. She misunderstood that he had married and decided to take off the powder. He wrote a poem on her clothes when he was drunk and mistook her for a man. Unexpectedly, after taking off the powder, the passer-by pestered her and pulled her together as a "disorderly subject and thief". However, he was deeply in love and finally became his wife Shen later, the misunderstanding was solved - "you didn't get a wife?" "isn't this Su Ni? Where can you see others when you are." later, they got married - the arrogant and uninhibited prime minister, the first swordsman of Yan Dynasty, became coquettish and jealous in front of her. Everyone in the city knows that Mr. feibai is afraid of others later, when mountains and rivers were broken and families and countries rose and fell, they walked side by side, bearing the same burden of life and death. " the country was uneasy every day, the enemy was not eliminated every day, and we didn't talk about children and girls. When the country was safe, we would grow old together, and when the country was in trouble, we would die together." valiant female constable × Arrogant and unrestrained swordsman