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My profession is robbery

My profession is robbery

My profession is robbery

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    My profession is robbery
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    Big demon meal
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2021-12-01 03:12:58
Jiang Qian, who has been forced to practice Lei FA for 500 years, was finally admitted to Tianting enterprise today originally, she thought she could become an immortal and a Buddha. When she was at ease and reliving the interesting stories of truth cultivation, she was appointed as a new Tianting career - Tianjie not only do you have to make great efforts to brush the sky, get achievements, repair the dilapidated residence and raise those two thin horses, but also face your boss every day - small theater - "Your Highness, I can't see... You are your highness..." the little boy with white hair and young face in front of you is the head of the world and the Lord of the world "it's just fun like this, or... Do you want to see me as an adult?" "cough, cough, your highness, I still have thunder to chop. I'll go first!" the evil boss who can't provoke me. Can't I hide?! Jiang Qian runs away every time he sees him when I thought I had nothing to do with your highness except business... a beautiful male fairy in a white robe who looked familiar appeared in her residence. Her ordinary heart, which had not been touched in 500 years, was moved... brush performance is dangerous, and it is even more dangerous to indulge in the beauty of her boss JIANG Qian regretted knowing that he had stopped cultivating immortals 500 years ago.

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