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Interstellar cat keeping records

Interstellar cat keeping records

Interstellar cat keeping records

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    Interstellar cat keeping records
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    The baby wants to eat earth
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    52weixin Books
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2022-01-19 07:18:24
"Ding --, the interstellar cash flow system serves you wholeheartedly." "pick up a low-grade energy stone and cash two hundred star coins. Two abandoned star ship parts, fifty star coins. Total: two hundred and fifty star coins." Mao Yiqing looks down at the 250 in his claw and deeply believes that the system itself is 250. "how does this cash flow count?" "Ding --, pick up a wild man and cash in 666 star coins." "..." as the saying goes, a strong twist is not sweet, and a hard turning cat is not sticky, but the wild man has his own smell of wood, sky and Polygonum... there is a finished book "laughing, Xiuxian and cute fox are not allowed to escape". Welcome to the pit ~