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I bought a flow love bean

I bought a flow love bean

I bought a flow love bean

Rating: 9 / 10 from 190 ratings
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    I bought a flow love bean
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    Sefeng Daowen
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    Yipin Books
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2022-01-22 08:26:08
He is the flow of love beans in the entertainment industry. He was rated as the "beautiful man in the Central Plains" once in a thousand years. After his debut, he was in a mess, but he was penniless she is a love and marriage expert who went to Hengdian to relax after losing her marriage. She is good at reading people's thoughts. She has a high rank, is provocative but doesn't know it. She never pursues stars but wants to be crazy once... "he can't fall in love within ten years. If he falls in love, he will have to hide." "you are willing to hide your money? Besides, xuezang is also called" I raise him! "... " which do my sister prefer, the calligraphy writer and the acting? "" both of them are mine. "... " he is still young and uncertain, I'm afraid it's just delaying you. "" delaying a moment is a memory, delaying a lifetime is happiness. What's terrible? "...... for Su pan, it's OK to have a chance encounter. It's still so expensive! I've changed from a little rich woman to nothing, and I'm disgraced... but I'm clearly not a woman greedy for beauty... (why do you want my brother to comment on your "son") ... Hot search burst: "who's the only woman Deng Yanshu cares about" fan: a 30-year-old woman! It's his cousin or cousin agent: how could the cabbage I cultivated be stolen supan: sorry, I bought it... rational elite Royal sister x sunshine Frank brother sister: say goodbye to reason. It's rare to go crazy in life brother: say goodbye to traffic. Only when you become a powerful school can you love you wantonly.