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Heaven s Fairy little wife

Heaven s Fairy little wife

Heaven s Fairy little wife

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    Heaven s Fairy little wife
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    Continuous cotton
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    Light Novel
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2022-01-15 01:20:24
In ancient times, Emperor Yu and Emperor Yan sealed the monster at a huge price. Before Emperor Yu ascended, they promised that if the boundary was loose, they would send two immortals to help the appointed people and jointly destroy the monsters in Xuanling continent... When they found that the boundary was loose, in order to save Xuanling continent, the elders jointly selected two immortals: Wen Qingwan and Nanke. However, Wen Qingwan didn't choose the "chosen son of heaven" who was screened by the elders at various levels and had excellent strength. She resolutely decided to help Jiang Yan, who was killed by the devil and lost his Dantian. What kind of sparks would they rub... (this article is more daily + xiaotianwen as a whole) it won't be too cruel. Please rest assured to eat it ω)

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