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Be a koi in the immortal world

Be a koi in the immortal world

Be a koi in the immortal world

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    Be a koi in the immortal world
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    Bean paste is sweet
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    Sky Book
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2022-01-20 16:48:42
Luck is also a kind of strength when Gu Weiyu's soul went through the immortal world, she found that her luck was always good, like a koi attached to her body: when she went into the mountain to collect medicine, she unexpectedly dug up the rare magic medicine nine leaf lotus test the spirit root. She not only explodes the spirit root value table, but also brings her own rare hidden spirit root as a result of the ethnic trial, she was lucky enough to inherit from her ancestors in the practice of the test tower, the spirit beast came to automatically conclude a contract with her... the world envies her good luck. However, luck and risk are twin brothers. Good and evil depend on each other. Let's see how she builds a path to immortality between the cracks... (without CP, the cultivation of immortality Koi, the growth of the female master...)

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