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Childe has no worries

Childe has no worries

Childe has no worries

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    Childe has no worries
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    Li Ziyou
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2022-01-14 20:04:18
"If you grant a marquis according to the emperor's words, you will lose thousands of bones." how many people will you sacrifice for the establishment of a imperial dynasty and the casting of a prosperous era "if you want to buy sweet scented osmanthus with wine, it's not like a youth tour." many years later, looking back at the vast years and messy youth, she only felt that she had a distant dream, woke up and broken her dream. The people in the dream seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye "the beauty of her life has gone, and she thinks of the river and the sky independently." she was old at that time, and she stole the fragrance by the river independently now, the prosperous age of Qihuang, which she imagined with friends and lovers in the past, has fallen into her eyes and slowly unfolded in her pen. She engraved thousands of beautiful scenes in the prosperous age into the painting and burned them. The man used the vivid and vivid portraits hidden in the box to teach her how to cast her true feelings and pour out her thoughts in the Zhu Yan Shi Qing "if one day, I and the world, my husband can only choose one of two. What should I do?" "I am the world. Then I walk with my wife, and my wife will go wherever she goes. In my heart of husband, my wife is the most important at any time, but if I choose my wife, my wife will be ashamed all my life." (gently holding her hand, positive color and soft voice) "I will be guilty all my life." "My heart hurts, but she won't follow me. She will spend the rest of her life laughing. It's better than with me." "in this life, I tied a knot with you. You and I can't escape fate."

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