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My aunt came back from Xiuxian

My aunt came back from Xiuxian

My aunt came back from Xiuxian

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    My aunt came back from Xiuxian
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    Leisurely God
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-12-01 17:44:00
Wang Shuyue's aunt Xiuzhen, who disappeared in the 1970s, has returned my aunt is young, beautiful, powerful and super protective in the face of the difficulties made by the supervisor's colleagues, the aunt who secretly followed her grabbed the supervisor's back collar and threw it directly onto the wall to rub hard aunt: "Tigress, what do you want to miss about this broken company?" Wang Shuyue: ah... It's one of the world's top 500! Broken in the face of my ex boyfriend's obsession with cutting, my aunt fell from the sky and cut off her head with a flying sword. My ex boyfriend's excrement and urine came out my aunt: "go back with my aunt. You can choose all the elite disciples!" Wang Shuyue: "my aunt, I'm blind. I'll change it! But! Can we not call her a nickname!" Tigress by Tigress when she doesn't want face however, with the strong return of Xiuzhen's father, the boss came back to take over the group. There are more and more news. Wang Shuyue always feels that the earth's sky is about to change... book friend Group No.: 881866385

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