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Run a hotel in the apocalypse

Run a hotel in the apocalypse

Run a hotel in the apocalypse

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    Run a hotel in the apocalypse
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    Blue Catalpa
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-19 09:44:08
Li Yan is a game anchor and likes to play all kinds of holographic online games. Because of a contract, he can only return to the real world by completing the task [di ~ welcome to the apocalypse. I'm system 06. The host will perform the contract from now on. The host can only complete the task and return to the real world, otherwise it will stay in the Apocalypse forever.] therefore, a Apocalypse hotel has been operated in a city full of zombies small theater ① "boss, how many crystal nuclei do you stay in a night" "50 secondary crystal nuclei in a single room, 1 tertiary crystal nucleus in a standard room and 3 tertiary crystal nuclei in a double room" ② "boss, how long can these stay?" only before the meeting, the handsome young man put a bag of crystal nuclei on the front desk of the hotel, his deep eyes looked at Li Yan, and his thick and thin red lips raised slightly ③ Yan Yan, I think you're alone. Why don't I stay and help you, huh? He sat next to Li Yan, lazily leaning on the sofa, eyes drooping, white slender fingers lifting her hair, and his low and charming voice had a coquettish tone Li Yan... It's just a monster PS: 1v1, sand carving. The author is Xiaobai. Forgive me

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