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Introduction to horse competition in Aojiao County

Introduction to horse competition in Aojiao County

Introduction to horse competition in Aojiao County

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    Introduction to horse competition in Aojiao County
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    Qiao Xi's Bridge
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2021-11-29 21:59:58
It is said that Princess Jiayue is a notorious scum among the noble women in the capital. She is good for nothing except her beauty. She idles around all day in her capacity as princess. She is also greedy for beauty and has harmed many good families and beautiful men. It is said that just a while ago, he deceived the pure feelings of the second childe of the Wang Royal historian. He turned his head and fell in love with a handsome little imperial doctor in the palace. He had to turn back to be a county horse on the night of the marriage, the little doctor walked into the bridal chamber and looked at the bride who was sitting at the table with her head lifted and eating a bowl of smelly powder. She took a small step back with disgust "the princess should know that the marriage between the minister and the princess is purely a political transaction. The minister has no affection for the princess. If the princess finds a lover in the future, the minister will not block it more. I hope the princess will take care of herself." after that, the little doctor threw his sleeve out without waiting for the bride to speak, leaving only a proud figure of the bride more than half a year later, when the little doctor finally realized that the cheap Princess he married was not simple, a little white face began to gather in front of the princess all day. His princess was busy with business all day and seemed to ignore the existence of his county horse. Even the parrot named Xiaobao under the porch was more favored than him the little doctor finally began to panic he lived with his master in the backyard of Qingshui temple in Junshan when he was a child. He thought that he had already seen through the world of mortals, and his heart was like water. He never thought that the red Luan star would move one day. From then on, the sun, moon, stars, rivers, lakes and seas all carried the shadow of that man beautiful and sassy female general × A proud little wolf dog with a black belly [rebirth, Shuangjie, strong men and strong women]