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Ling sutu

Ling sutu

Ling sutu

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    Ling sutu
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    Unexpected autumn
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2021-12-02 17:38:41
The cloud family of the Yuan Dynasty was destroyed because of the holy ware related to the secret of heaven and earth. Only two children escaped to the immortal world immortals say that gods are different from immortals the immortal said that there was only one person in the world. Their human race was not the pride of heaven, but the most despicable race in the world the immortal said that he would take them in for four years and then be conceited about life and death let's see how the mortal female Lord can destroy the enemy, know the secret and save all the people in the world through trial in the past four years, they also made four friends of the spiritual family, who were able to pass the customs and kill generals together and sing all the way "since we share the same interests, we might as well stir up the wind and cloud together, or let them see our power!" no matter how many secrets in the sky and underground. Together, the six will solve the puzzle and know the truth (if you really can't write a profile, you'd better read the article) this article is divided into three chapters: Heaven, mortal and heaven. It belongs to the slow growth article. It focuses on the growth of group images. There is CP, but the main line is early revenge and solving cases to find the truth.

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