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Medical brocade returns fragrance

Medical brocade returns fragrance

Medical brocade returns fragrance

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    Medical brocade returns fragrance
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    Health Books
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2021-12-06 16:27:36
In her last life, she went out of the palace for ten years to learn medicine and returned to Beijing again. Her family was broken and dead... she was reborn. She found that the great man who wanted to hold her thigh in the last life, king Qi, posted a list of treatment with a reward of 10000 Liang Chu mu, who is full of medical skills, smiled. Didn't this give her a chance to destroy the dog thief's plan so she uncovered the list of ten thousand liang of bounty and wanted to hold the big man's thigh and make money by the way... I don't know when Chu mu, who was addicted to making money and revenge, began to covet the beauty of the big man