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Beauty, he s always asking for a seal

Beauty, he s always asking for a seal

Beauty, he s always asking for a seal

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  • Alternative names:

    Beauty, he s always asking for a seal
  • Author:

    Muzi Xianjun
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    Weixin Book
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2021-11-29 18:59:55
It is said that if a snake wants to become a dragon, it needs to ask for a seal from a mortal. If a mortal says the word "snake", it will greatly damage his cultivation and need to practice again for several years after the repair, you need to ask the same mortal for seal again. You can replace it only if the person is dead therefore, the person selected by Cheng Jiao needs to be carefully considered in order to become a Jiao, Shen Yujiao held a dream for the girl he saved for three years and tried all kinds of ways to suggest that the girl affirmed him SHEN Yujiao thought it was all right, but she didn't want the girl to dream that Shen Yujiao turned into a snake. She thought it was the snake that ate Shen Yujiao and was afraid when Shen Yujiao failed to seek the seal, he became entangled with the girl. Although he couldn't say it himself, the girl still knew it after all kinds of hints the snake that can become a Jiao wants to live in separate seas. The girl doesn't want to lose Shen Yujiao, so she denies Shen Yujiao again and again SHEN Yujiao takes great pains to win the seal, but he often runs into a wall

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