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Fast wear game loading

Fast wear game loading

Fast wear game loading

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    Fast wear game loading
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    Snow goblin 01
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2021-11-30 03:33:54
Yu Ming entered the apocalyptic game and became a little white flower with a weak appearance. They all thought she lacked combat effectiveness. Unexpectedly, she was calm, intelligent, resourceful and perseverance. More importantly, she was independent, sanguanzheng and not the virgin she entered one brain burning copy after another. She met one gatekeeper after another: sparrow Messenger, tool man, safflower, Dashu and Abu. In these copies, she found her teammates who lived through life and death and never gave up with her by virtue of her strength they also met one dark boss after another: Dark Rose, human skin monster, dream eater, black faced devil and blood king. Yu Ming said that no matter how powerful the dark boss is, she and her teammates will no longer talk when the identity changes and a new game comes, can she still find him and them is he a real person or just a pile of data everything is unknown