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Rebirth Lingding

Rebirth Lingding

Rebirth Lingding

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    Rebirth Lingding
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    Xiaojin year
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    Light Novel
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2021-11-26 01:21:16
Bai Luoxi is a common woman. Although she is excellent in everything, she just hides her edge and keeps herself in line. She thought that as long as she doesn't show the limelight, she can live a plain life. However, due to her appearance, she unfortunately becomes a chess piece. The family forced, the daughters of the Royal Palace bullied, framed, abandoned and reduced to maidservants. The family turned a blind eye, and my sister made trouble. She was destroyed and innocent, soaked in a pig cage and sank into the river. When I thought I was at a dead end, I was reborn in the waiting room———— In this life, Bai Luoxi: should common women be used and trampled? no I want to prove to everyone that concubines are not easy to mess with. I will double recover what I owe. I will return all those who bully me. ‖ He Shijing: don't you believe in life? Just right, I don't believe it. Why don't we go together/ I want to be unscrupulous for you. What can you do for me He Shiyan: I'm just a prince who lives the most miserable life. Why do you help me Qin Feng: I've never seen such a wonderful woman as you/ Sometimes what the eyes see is not always the truth Bai Luoyan: sister, you should have been the phoenix flying for nine days/ Since God has given me the ability to predict, I can use it to make you perfect, even if I am alone for life———— She cruelly abused her hypocritical family and ruthlessly ignored the pursuit of slag man. She was radiant, exquisite and saved the world. She was appointed County Lord and princess. She was sought after and loved by the people—— Finally, Bai Luoxi is finally at the top of the mountain!