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Benji youyou

Benji youyou

Benji youyou

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    Benji youyou
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    Beicheng loquat
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2021-11-29 06:35:31
Yu Youci, a 159 year old girl scientist, broke into the world's top scientific and technological organization "polar moon" in order to recapture her mother's relic - a seal, and not surprisingly strengthened Ares, the general of the moon country from the parallel world. Because the totem is recognized as the Lost Crown Prince and the successor of the origin of light. The seal she has been looking for is the "key to life" to open the "divine domain" isn't this a Star Wars movie? What about the more doomsday themes, myths and legends, and ethnic struggles (which don't seem to be juxtaposed) Yu Youci: as a king, if you want sympathy, you will lose Yu youyue: life is better than death if you remove all the edges Seamore Grande: a chess player's son is either a chess piece or an abandoned son. I have no fear, just life and death Atlanta: let all of you see, I am a lowly man above you (Note: the protagonist just crosses a lot of planes, not fast)

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