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Snail slowly reaching the end

Snail slowly reaching the end

Snail slowly reaching the end

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    Snail slowly reaching the end
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2021-11-27 10:19:14
Lin Qingxin's biggest dream is to become a free florist, but in reality, she is only an educator who grows up humbly on the road of life finally, she walked a long, long way. Looking back, she suddenly found that the things she had missed had grown up with her and became her favorite. It turns out that love is the best teacher life may be like this. It's more perfect to lose and get when Cheng Yisheng fled the Song family, he did not want freedom, but his inner desire later, he met a teacher named Lin Qingxin, and his desire was just found in her petite figure however, the time and place seemed unfriendly to him. So many misunderstandings could not arrange them together, and even pushed her farther and farther away from herself all he wants is Lin Qingxin's love, even a little Cheng Yisheng, who had never believed in gods before, suddenly believed when he met Lin Qingxin at the traffic light intersection. He didn't ask for anything else, just for Lin Qingxin to see his heart from the year when he accidentally lost the Golden Lock jade as a child, Gu Qi lacked something called "Jiaojiao" in his heart when he learned that the girl in front of him was the one he had been looking for for for many years, he dared not say or disturb anyone, because at that moment, he suddenly found that he heard his heartbeat and he didn't want to be her former brother again but fate did not seem to care for him, and even played an irreparable joke with him.