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When the vicious girl comes back

When the vicious girl comes back

When the vicious girl comes back

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    When the vicious girl comes back
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    Famized book
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2022-01-24 09:07:22
Mu chushang, the youngest daughter of the Mu family who had been missing for a year, was finally found everyone knows that the baby has a pimple and loves yuan Jingchen miserably. Relying on his engagement with yuan Jingchen, he makes trouble for any girl close to yuan Jingchen and wants to harm the girl yuan Jingchen likes three or four times. Later, the poison plan failed. He not only made himself the talk capital of people after dinner, but also made himself disappear unexpectedly now people are hard to find. The Mu family is reluctant to discipline, and everyone is waiting to see the excitement however, the excitement is getting worse and worse when the family mentioned yuan Jingchen, mu chushang was stunned: the illiterate embroidered pillow when her friends asked her out, mu chushang was indifferent: learning is more important in life when the school met the girl yuan Jingchen liked, mu chushang smiled: don't lose heart if you don't play well. Your foundation is very solid... everyone is guessing what happened to Mu chushang in the year she disappeared. Only mu chushang knows that she crossed to a place where people didn't ask her origin and didn't doubt her purpose. Without saying a word, they packed her up and sent her to school, because nothing is more important than knowledge now, she comes back with her love for learning - as we all know, the youngest son of the Qi family fell down when the wind blew. He didn't live for a few years. Everyone lamented his identity and regretted his body at the same time then one day, the rumored daughter of the Mu family stood in front of the wheelchair boy, and her eyes flashed: you are the most learning person I have ever seen she said: you will live a long life.

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