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Chase Miss Zhou

Chase Miss Zhou

Chase Miss Zhou

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    Chase Miss Zhou
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    A rabbit flows in the morning
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    Bestcar read
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2021-11-27 17:50:32
Zhou Yixin fell from the sky and overwhelmed the general of the cosmic army even if we crossed into the future, we caught up with the space war Zhou Yixin was suspected by general Xie Yiyun of being an alien spy and insisted that she prove that she was from earth how does this prove Zhou Yixin silently takes out her 21st century resident ID card after that, people around laughed loudly "your ID card was dug from the tomb? Your planet didn't give you the spy identity on earth?" "brother, misunderstanding, I'm really from earth!" after all the hardships, Zhou Yixin finally fled the general. Unexpectedly, the general immediately made a plan: chase and kill Miss Zhou unfortunately, in the end, the general only did it: chasing Miss Zhou "admiral, you can't catch up with Miss Zhou!"

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