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Imperial concubine Huang

Imperial concubine Huang

Imperial concubine Huang

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    Imperial concubine Huang
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    AI Xiaomei acridine
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-25 19:39:18
Soul through the world, say she's waste wood? I'm kidding. The top agent from 2100 can't get anything as long as she wants! Since these people dare to look down on her, she will blind their 24K titanium alloy dog eyes ~ "what? Ye qinfan is a Xuanshi?" "what? She is also a herbalist and a tool smelter?" "look, there is a little snake on her shoulder? No, how can she think of a long horn? The key is that she still has four small claws? Is she still an animal master?" Ye qinfan, who used to wash his hands in a golden basin just to complete the last task, can't think that he was betrayed by his best friend, stabbed him in the back and pushed him down the cliff, causing his soul to pass through the world? Waste wood constitution? Can't practice contract? I'm kidding. See how she got up in a strange world ~ but who can tell her where the demon emperor who can't drive away comes from "emperor Yufeng! What are you doing? Stay away from me!" "xiaofanfan, you are cruel to me " a man died and begged Bai, lying on a woman's bed and crying about his grievances... there are all you want to see here, giving you a different visual feast ~ ~

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