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Rebirth age Princess Jiao

Rebirth age Princess Jiao

Rebirth age Princess Jiao

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    Rebirth age Princess Jiao
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    Yu Jingyuan
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-25 18:38:01
[ancient wear today] Zhao Yu is a charming little princess of Yan country. She was made of heaven and earth and had no law. Unexpectedly, once she fell into the water, she went through a strange place and became Zhao Yu my father doesn't hurt, my mother doesn't love, and there are a series of brothers and sisters who rob her of food Zhao Yu was lying in the adobe house, listening to the roaring sound around her, touched Bian's stomach, and burst into tears, "sobbing, she's going home" later, she met a handsome and fierce young man. As soon as the young man went down with a hoe, the soil in the ground rose and hit her hard brushed cloth shoes to the young man's cold and arrogant eyes, Zhao Yu sucked his nose, trembled and handed over the sugar in his hand, and said to him, "here's sugar, we'll be good friends." finally, Zhao Yu became a princess and became the little princess in the palm of the young man who was stabbed that year [Zhao Yu vs Cheng Yan qingjiao little princess didi vs lofty, cold and arrogant young people going to the countryside]