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Mr. Gu, get married with a kiss

Mr. Gu, get married with a kiss

Mr. Gu, get married with a kiss

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    Mr. Gu, get married with a kiss
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    Superstar acridine
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2021-11-25 17:22:00
As everyone knows, the woman named Lin Shengman is Gu's favorite until their first wedding anniversary Gu Ji came home late with the smell of wine, holding a document in his hand and looking at her calmly "Lin Shengman, sign!" Lin Shengman's face turned pale. She looked down at the dazzling five characters of the divorce agreement his voice was as weak as an ant, "why?" Gu Ji lay on the sofa and pulled his tie impatiently, "tired." he saved her from fire and water, let her indulge in the palm of her hand, but ruthlessly killed her at that time, the story of Lin Shengman, a new film queen, becoming an ugly duckling overnight was almost a household name.