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His wife is a God

His wife is a God

His wife is a God

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    His wife is a God
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    Refreshing wonton
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    Cook Books
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2021-12-03 01:18:50
Microblog hot search burst. The first paparazzi in the entertainment industry said to disclose the news of the illegitimate son of a young film emperor, saying to see you on Wednesday netizens who eat melons follow the vine and touch the melon, and set their goal on a retired film emperor a retired movie star: people sit at home and the pot comes from heaven. No ex girlfriend, white moonlight, no medication, no wrong room, no wrong bed, no sperm donation, one child chicken on Wednesday, the microblog was paralyzed, and a photo of paternity test was put out. The comparator is the retired film emperor Yan Haotian: elders of the Yan Family: don't hurry to take your daughter-in-law and son home! Or break your leg Yan Haotian: as a nine day God, she brought her son to a strange and strange world. She said she was not used to it and wanted to leave with her son... But in fact, she got up and was happy when others say that she relies on her face, she uses her acting skills to swell their faces; Others say she has never read a book, knows two big characters, and has no special skills. She is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. She knows traditional Chinese culture like the back of her hand, and classical dance is even better; Others say that she was born in a humble family and an orphan loved by no one. Behind her, a group of big men jumped out to support her... fans thought they knew enough about it, but they found that it was far from enough... She became an honorary professor of Imperial University. She also knew Archaeology and could solve cases for the police. She could also be a detective and specialize in treating junior three?! What operation is this it's not too late: just idle away time fans: