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Drink green plum wine

Drink green plum wine

Drink green plum wine

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    Drink green plum wine
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    Mi Mi
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2021-11-25 16:13:53
The taste is slightly sour, but the aroma is rich the aftertaste is long and sweet just like you in my life, sour, sweet and unforgettable -- Chu Nianzhi has a gentle personality and proper behavior. She grew up under the protection of her parents and became a qualified daughter she is good at socializing and entertaining things in the back house, but when she faces her playmates who grew up with her, she always loses her sense of propriety... Ji Hengjing, as the young master of the general's house, has not only the bookish spirit of the young master in the capital, but also the heart to fight in the sand city he values his family as well as his little green plum. He tried his best to make her smile.