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I m surrounded by villains

I m surrounded by villains

I m surrounded by villains

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    I m surrounded by villains
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    Shangguan hug
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2021-11-26 17:09:49
# Si Heng × Lin Jiujiu # fierce Brazil pretends to be a violent (wife) disciple (slave) × After Lin Chuanlu died, he unexpectedly left all his inheritance to Lin Jiujiu, the daughter of his ex-wife when Lin Jiujiu listened to the will: ╮ ( ̄▽  ̄) ╭ it must be a special fate that made us a family along the way three months after receiving the offer: tot, I thought you just didn't pay attention to me, but I didn't think you hated me a company full of holes, a stepmother skilled in calculation, a sister stabbing in the back, and a brother whose father died and mother fled -- this is all she got from her father when she was so angry that her mouth was full of bubbles, she suddenly realized that she couldn't do the porcelain work and urgently need a backer * on the day Si Heng left the hospital, he met a little beauty who threw herself into her arms I'm kidding. Is he the kind of person who takes advantage of people's danger Oh, he is.