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Rebirth of ancient salted fish

Rebirth of ancient salted fish

Rebirth of ancient salted fish

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    Rebirth of ancient salted fish
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    Inkstone stained the world
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2021-11-25 13:30:22
Zhang Leyu was forcibly pulled from the modern times by the heavenly way in order to set off his beloved of the heavenly way Tiandao thought that Zhang Leyu would say, "I want to make a great career in this world." as a result, Zhang Leyu turned to seclusion, making Tiandao's plot impossible to go on at all Tiandao was so angry that Zhang Leyu was unlucky for several weeks. He almost drowned when he went down the river to catch fish, climbed a tree and fell off his legs, fell into a pit when going to the toilet, etc Zhang Leyu always feels that someone is looking at her behind her back, but she can't think of it with her identity and vision fortunately, it was not long before she returned to her original peaceful life. Tiandao had completely given up and could only skip the plot related to Zhang Leyu one day, a very beautiful woman appeared in front of Zhang Leyu. She claimed to be the leader of Tiandao palace and wanted Zhang Leyu to join Tiandao palace seeing that Zhang Leyu was convinced, but seeing that there were only a dozen people in Tiandao palace, Zhang Leyu resolutely gave up she's afraid she'll be tired to death the palace leader mercilessly sold the way of heaven. Zhang Leyu immediately decided to be a temporary worker in the past 30 years, Zhang Leyu became the boss of Tiandao later... that day, Tao's favorite had a good time in the world, and even dared to make Zhang Leyu unhappy Zhang Leyu thought, is the brain of the heavenly way broken? How did you choose a virgin as the Lord of the world she has no ability to hit the muzzle of a gun. Everything depends on a group of licking dogs around her, including Zhang Leyu's physical ex husband... the beloved of heaven wants to take Zhang Leyu's boyfriend into the harem. How can she bear it?