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Mr. Gu, madam, she s pretending to be poor again

Mr. Gu, madam, she s pretending to be poor again

Mr. Gu, madam, she s pretending to be poor again

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    Mr. Gu, madam, she s pretending to be poor again
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    Sweet Miao Miao
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    Daily Novel
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Mingyao suffers from severe insomnia. In her last life, she died of insomnia live again. When you wake up, you have a handsome and golden husband around you -- it is said that Gu Siye, a ruthless and moody tyrant, was determined to kill and kill "sign, divorce!" the man threw a divorce agreement on her without saying a word, Mingyao signed a divorce agreement but less than one night, she regretted it she found that in this life, she still suffered from severe insomnia the medicine stone has no cure. What can make her sleep is the cold and clean breath of her husband it is said that her husband is not close to women, so she plays various roles just to stay with him everyone says that Mrs. Gu loves Mr. Gu badly. She is abused thousands of times every day and still treats him like her first love until one day, Mingyao finally developed a drug to treat her insomnia at the banquet, she smiled brightly, took the king superstar in her arm, and threw a piece of divorce agreement on Mr. Gu "Mr. Gu, the signature has been signed. Since then, we have no relationship between men and women!" Mr. Gu tore Mrs. Gu's divorce agreement on the spot he reached her to the corner of the wall with sharp eyebrows and eyes. "If you want to leave, you can return the things you stole from me first!" "what did I steal from you?" "heart!" ... everyone ridiculed Mingyao as an ignorant, water-based flower vase with beautiful appearance everyone is waiting for her to be kicked out by fourth master Gu some media boldly revealed that Mingyao was dating the world's first hacker behind Gu Siye's back the first hacker, "who's spreading rumors? That's my master!" not long after, the media revealed that Mingyao and luxury designer went in and out of the same hotel a famous designer, "my boss." looking at women dating different men in three days and two, Mr. Gu was angry He bit the woman's lips and announced to the whole world, "Mrs. Gu is mine. Who dares to spread gossip again?" [cold and affectionate tyrant who only gentle to the female Lord vs. the male Lord has multiple waistcoats and lazy Buddha nature. She just wants to stop insomnia and live a few more days]