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    A string of mountain rain
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-11-25 11:37:47
Song Zhixi, the female leader, originated from "the mountain is warm when the spring water knows Xi". She is warm, kind, sentimental, introverted and fragile, but is willing to be brave and strong for others. She stepped forward. At the age of 14, she was found out of a strange disease. She gradually became depressed because she felt guilty that she had dragged down her parents, and her heart diseases also came one after another, It is hot outside and cold inside. In childhood, it became sensitive and inferior because of the influence of the original family and the surrounding environment. After years of tempering, it grew slowly and gradually became cheerful, sunny and not afraid of wind and rain. He was a childhood sweetheart, but he had to leave Jiangcheng because of the change of his family. As soon as he went, he broke off contact and heard nothing. Seven years after Shi Yu left, they met again because of others however, how can our broken mirror be reunited you lit me up when I was a child, and I also want to be your light when I grow up.