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I was caught by the master

I was caught by the master

I was caught by the master

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    I was caught by the master
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    Hit missing wood
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    Clean book
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2022-01-14 19:08:57
Song Sixia, a mediocre knock scientist Star chasing for three years, love bean missing for two years in the days when people didn't appear, they had to have fun by themselves, so they began to play a more important role in major software one day, the leader threw his "sister" who could not take care of himself to song Sixia for some time. Who knows that when the door was opened, it was his love Dou Su Cheng who stood in front of him living under the eaves of the same house, by chance, her CP text was discovered by Su Cheng Yi Su Chengyi blocked song Sixia in the corner of the wall: "what are you hiding? Isn't it bold when writing? Hmm? You can't blush or jump if you write here. I just blocked you in the corner of the wall?" the next day, Su Chengyi blocked song Sixia in the elevator from the negative floor to the top floor: "I heard that you had Calvin last night? Do you want... Let me help you find inspiration and the kind with good details."

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