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Stole the heart of the villain boss

Stole the heart of the villain boss

Stole the heart of the villain boss

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    Stole the heart of the villain boss
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    Give you joy
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2021-11-30 04:04:11
As a mother powder, Luo Rao inexplicably wore into a serial male frequency article and inexplicably bound it to the system. Most importantly, her "son" didn't meet but she was trusted by the little devil and vowed to marry her when she grew up, but she only wanted to kill the villain against her "son" she asked the system curiously, "why is he so good? It's different from what's written in the book!" the system shook its head. It's still a novice and doesn't know many things LUO Rao said she was helpless. She compromised in front of snacks and beauty. She stretched out her fleshy little hand and said softly, "hug ~" a man smiled and finally succeeded other people don't play with me. Only she came to talk to me and ate all the snacks I don't like. She was a kid and drove away the older children who wanted to bully her [lightning protection] 1. The full text is slightly sweet, mostly based on their interaction 2. The male owner is a wolf in sheep's clothing, who specially deceives her as a child 3. The hostess is not stupid and sweet, but a little crazy 4. The ending woman wears back into reality 5. The title of the book is "he pulled my pigtail", "stole the heart of the villain boss" and "rising in the male frequency text"

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