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The captain s soles are peeling

The captain s soles are peeling

The captain s soles are peeling

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    The captain s soles are peeling
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    Shu Xinnian
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    Qishi Book
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2021-12-03 03:37:37
After the dance God admired by everyone in the hip-hop dance circle was expelled from the group, he became a teacher in a small dance training class. However, with more than ten years of hip-hop dance experience, he never gave up hip-hop dance and opened the road to return to the peak with his students the reporter interviewed Jin Ju, this year's national champion of hip-hop dance. "My boyfriend is an international champion of hip-hop dance. How do you feel?" JIN Ju looked serious: "refuse to accept, come to battle!" the reporter also interviewed Lin luoran, the male God of hip-hop dance, "what impressed me most when I was with a dancing girlfriend?" Lin luoran: "In order to decide whether to go to the movies or have dinner first, battle stayed until dawn."