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Women get rich in the age text

Women get rich in the age text

Women get rich in the age text

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    Women get rich in the age text
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    Dream of one meter seven
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-23 07:49:29
Ye Xiuqing, who died of overwork, woke up again and found herself wearing a woman with the same name and surname in an age article, becoming the control group of the female owner in the article the daughter's father is the second son of the family. He is hardworking, capable, simple and honest a woman's father is a young child in the family. Relying on the eccentric eyes of her parents, she is ignorant, sneaky and slippery although the mistress mother has some cowardice and son preference, she is also very kind to her daughters and has a gentle personality women's mothers also like to be lazy and haggle over every detail the female Lord was reborn and killed the four sides with the prophet but the female partner always robbed the female owner. Finally, Shengsheng killed himself and implicated her good relatives knowing her situation, ye Xiuqing was not calm it has nothing to do with the hostess. All she has to do now is live her little life so... when the female Lord used the prophet to have an affair with potential stocks, ye Xiuqing was reading when the female leader had a good relationship with the villagers and accumulated fame, ye Xiuqing had already attended the best university and accumulated the first start-up fund when the business of the hostess has improved, ye Xiuqing has promoted her business abroad after the female owner experienced many hardships and finally came together with the male owner of the original book. She suddenly found that her cousin Ye Xiuqing, whom she couldn't look up to, had become an existence she couldn't stand.