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Distant love never ends

Distant love never ends

Distant love never ends

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    Distant love never ends
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    The moon is sweet
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    Famized book
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2021-12-03 05:51:28
Xu Yan dotes on Song wish, and song wish likes Xu Yan but Xu Yan doesn't love song and only treats her as her sister's pet Xu Yan has a romantic nature, and other women can't stay. However, in college, he met his own white moonlight song would like to catch up with her from high school to college. Xu Yan noticed her mind and began to alienate her when song Yuandu was about to give up, Xu Yan suddenly had an accident at home when the Xu family went bankrupt and his father went to prison, his white moonlight left other countries, and huge debts were on him in those days, Xu Yan was drunk all day. Song would like to take care of him he said, "just like me so much?" song would nod "are you willing to contribute everything to me?" "I am willing, not for anything else, just for you." song has done his wish and paid everything for seven years. She took care of him day and night and transferred his equity to him. Her father died of gas sickness, and her mother and brother turned against her... she also got her due retribution. She slowly began to lose her hair, her memory became worse, and her body organs were degenerating, but what remained unchanged was Xu Yan's feelings for her after his white moonlight returned home, she felt his difference. She hates Xu Yan and herself Song Yuan loved Xu Yan so much that he went crazy. In order to please Xu Yan, he did what he hated most when the matter was exposed, everyone finally knew and hated her. She finally couldn't hold up and fell down... - what is the luckiest thing in Xu Yan's life? It is enough to have song's wish Song Yuan forgot him and married someone else. And leave the world without breath.