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A rich married man

A rich married man

A rich married man

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    A rich married man
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    Winter months
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-15 23:20:49
Xile, the only xiaojiaohua villa in Xikang Prefecture, is the heart treasure of the whole family it's a hearty boast and a capricious pet. There's nothing to do in heaven and earth if you want to train troops, raise tigers, make wine and farm fields, Zhuang Xile will let her do whatever she wants who can make Xikang County palace powerful and hold everything it's boring to toss around in the southwest. With a wave of her small hand, Zhuang Xile moves north once she went to Beijing, she disturbed the situation. She was too sorry to pick her up with the alternation of power, she is still favored talented people from all walks of life had a hard time until she came to the door to ask for marriage who knows Zhuang Xile's little hand waving: you need to be beautiful before you can discuss marriage at this time, the Shizi, a famous waste wood farmer in Kyoto, raised his face: I don't know what the county Lord thinks of Jun Zhuang Xile looked at his gorgeous and picturesque eyebrows and nodded with satisfaction: Yes [group favorite all-round girl] vs [beautiful and treacherous merchant's son] - let's see how they stir up the situation.

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