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Sword shadow hengqiu

Sword shadow hengqiu

Sword shadow hengqiu

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    Sword shadow hengqiu
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    Weisi also
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    18ws Read
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2021-11-30 05:29:40
[the mysterious spirit shines for a long night, and the shadow of the sword falls across the autumn and nine dawn] it is said that xuanming, an ancient magic sword, is sealed in the depths of the nine abysses. Whoever obtains this sword will be changed by ghosts and gods and become the common master of the world Jianling: This is a rumor. I don't know leaders of all parties: practice is the only criterion for testing truth. I'll try it first sword spirit pawn when she opened her eyes again, she became Mu Ling and changed her name to Lingjun, which opened the road of stimulating and cultivating her own self demon sword nature: you are a demon sword, destruction is your mission, and killing is your ode wood spirit nature: you are a divine tree, creation is your pursuit, and life is your favorite Lingjun:... It's too difficult for me [instructions before reading] 1. No CP, cold and ruthless protagonist 2. Unorthodox immortal Xia, not shuangwen, all villains and abusive masters 3. There is nothing difficult in the world. As long as you are willing to give up, start with thousands of good books. If this book doesn't work, let's change it. If you accept incompetence, just point the fork. You, me and him are happy in the world

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