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Nine princesses of my man I cover

Nine princesses of my man I cover

Nine princesses of my man I cover

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    Nine princesses of my man I cover
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    Xu Jinhuan
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-12-06 17:58:39
Ordinary version Yan Ying, a terminally ill patient, woke up and became Xia Xu, the ninth Princess of the Xia kingdom. The most important thing is that there are many men and few women in Daxia, and women are respected. As the second most distinguished person in the kingdom of Daxia, she should have been favored by the regiment, but she was not popular. She managed to wash away the bad name of the original black heart owner, but found herself involved in a huge conspiracy... And the behind the scenes is sand sculpture version [early stage] Xia Xu: I am the most beautiful and invincible cub in this street! Silly white sweet days are so happy! Surrounded by beautiful men, so happy [mid-term] Xia Xu: the world is dangerous and evil. The big guys are so strong. I'm Alexander so big, woo woo [later stage] Xia Xu: I don't carry the chaotic pot in the world affectionate version Zichu: "I'm Xiao Zichu. In another month, I'll be your husband." Wenqing: "Wenqing wants only two things, hanging pot in the world, and her well-being." hengying: "even though it's a sea of knife and fire, hengying lives and dies to protect the ninth princess." Poria cocos: "You don't owe me for a long time, so stay away from me and I don't want to owe you any more." Rufeng: "Rufeng knows that he can't compare with the others around Princess nine. Rufeng doesn't ask for anything else but a place to live." Shang Jiuli: "stupid woman, give you an opportunity to go to the Shang country with me, and I can make you the most noble woman in the world." unclean Mage: "Amitabha, the journey to the west is far away, and we meet again." jueyan: "Xiaoying, I've come to pick you up." female, male, mutual favor, (tentative) non NP, farming oriented and relaxed oriented