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Introduction Guide

Introduction Guide

Introduction Guide

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    Introduction Guide
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    Ling Ling cream
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    Qishi Book
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2021-11-25 18:59:14
[introduction: incompetent, 1v1 + Double C + he] others wear books. She also wears books. Others wear books. They are all women. Why does she wear cannon fodder # Jiang Li accidentally died and bound the correction system. While completing the task of system release, she also took on the task of raising a baby. But if the baby is raised, how can it be raised # Jiang Li: "I can do anything to complete the task!" Xiao Yue: "I can do anything to get the master!" Jiang Li: "??" # Xiao Yue has a secret in his heart. He doesn't care whether he can become a great road in the end. He just hopes to accompany one person every day and see each other every year # it's cold outside and hot inside occasionally. The belly is black. The great beauty master x is awkward in the early stage. The little milk dog. The sick and charming apprentice in the later stage demining: 1. This article is a non-traditional fairy article. It's private like a mountain. Please don't textual research. Those who mind should enter it carefully 2. The female owner of this article is the largest. After wearing the book, the world plot is to be determined, that is, it may follow the original plot or it may be completely different 3. The man in the article is just a little poor, not a delicate disease in the traditional sense. It can be cured and corrected ~ 4. This article is slow and hot in addition: newcomers need support for new books ~ (* ^ ^ *)