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Imperial concubine Gao Liang

Imperial concubine Gao Liang

Imperial concubine Gao Liang

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    Imperial concubine Gao Liang
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    Pink Fox
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    Day Books
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2021-11-25 11:09:49
Yan Zixi felt that he was possessed by the God of luck. His parents, worth more than 100 million, had a plane crash. His fiance, who had been chasing him for several years, actually had an infatuated Bai moonlight. He went to the hospital for a physical examination because he was not feeling well and found out that he had advanced cancer. He could not be unlucky any more after a few days of depression, Yan Zixi learned from the pain that even death can't be cheap. That scum man and Bai moonlight can't fall on them. So he blacked all the communications of slag's fiance, transferred the shares of the company, donated most of his wealth, and turned away without taking away a cloud a man dragged his broken body into the coffin to go on a walk away trip. Sadly, he encountered a series of car accidents. He was in pain and full of blood, but his heart was unprecedented calm. Maybe this is the best outcome however, when she opened her eyes again, she was in a shaking carriage and looked at her body shrunk more than twice. What else was there except a bitter smile