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The prince has a deep routine

The prince has a deep routine

The prince has a deep routine

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    The prince has a deep routine
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    Cloudy and rainy
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2021-11-26 00:01:36
The sun family was destroyed. The second young lady sun Shangwu was reborn. She thought she could easily rewrite the fate of the family, but found that it took only three days time is tight and the task is heavy, but she is not worried at all. She has experience... just when she thought she was safe, she fell down ahead of time who hurt Miss Ben? Why not follow the routine? I thought it was over, but I didn't expect to be saved by the cold-blooded and cruel prince you know, her family is not a crown prince party... Is it a conspiracy whatever, she wants to change her life, the prince went against the sky for her< br>…