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My wife has powers

My wife has powers

My wife has powers

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    My wife has powers
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    Huohuo 66
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    52weixin Books
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2021-12-06 21:08:09
He Jiajia, a poor agricultural college student, passed through. He became a simple minded fat man with a weight of 180 kg. He was teased by his fiance cousin slag and counted the money for her thinking of this, she is not good the scum man cheated him and cheated her. She asked him to eat her and spit it out immediately. She also wanted to send her a divorce letter directly, which would ruin his reputation cousin slag teased her and laid her down. She wanted her to go away after these things are solved, she plans to lose weight slowly. By the way, she has powers to bind her body. Don't be too beautiful however, there are many disasters on the road of quitting a relative. The relative didn't retire, and there was another Xianggong. This Xianggong is too thin. It doesn't matter to raise him. By the way, he became rich and became a landlady accidentally.