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Star Moon biography

Star Moon biography

Star Moon biography

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    Star Moon biography
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    Maple of rain
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    Qishi Book
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Mo Xingtian was an orphan and lived in seclusion with his master in the mountains since childhood. However, when he was 18 years old, Master Liu Yuee suddenly left without saying goodbye, leaving only a letter. The letter did not mention the reason for her leaving without saying goodbye, but explained two things he had to do. One of them was to let Mo Xing go to Longlin town in Jiangnan the day before, Attend the son-in-law selection meeting of Gu Liangyu, a great Xia in the south of the Yangtze River... to Mo Xingtian's surprise, he has been involved in a vortex. Life experience, love and hatred and family hatred hit one after another. Where will he go... misfortune is bliss. Mo Xingtian inadvertently got the legendary "moon god script" in the Jianghu and opened his open life