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So I took the female script

So I took the female script

So I took the female script

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    So I took the female script
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    March April
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2022-01-20 19:54:43
When I woke up, I became a country girl. In this ancient mountain village, transportation basically depended on walking, communication basically depended on dogs, and was so closed that I had to continue to uphold the original owner's personality, go hunting in the mountains, fish in the rivers, and come to the rivers to make the village girl's life comfortable, but when she gradually got used to such a day, The arrival of a group of people broke her leisurely and comfortable mountain village life it turned out that she took the female owner's script her father is a marquis or a general her own grandfather was a duke and her own grandmother was a princess also, her eldest brother is the champion of literature, her second brother is the champion of martial arts, and her eldest sister is the imperial concubine of the imperial palace. The second sister will enter the palace next year, and the third and fourth sisters... en... everything changed when the rural Tu Niu was taken back to the Hou house.

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