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After wearing the book, I m raiding the male Lord every day

After wearing the book, I m raiding the male Lord every day

After wearing the book, I m raiding the male Lord every day

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    After wearing the book, I m raiding the male Lord every day
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    Please call me Xiaosu
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    Lava Novel
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2021-12-02 23:37:05
[strong in books 1v1 double clean sexy goddess is kind and intelligent vs cold and paranoid] in 985, Ling Niannian, a master of finance, was involved in a car accident. Her soul wore the evil cannon fodder female companion in the dog blood novel - the prospective fiancee of the male leader Cheng Yuming. Somehow, she was bound to the [President strategy system], which asked her to attack the male leader, Brush the other party's favor to 100 and you can return to the original world for rebirth it was a bad start. Ling Niannian, the first task, was designed by the female master of green tea, and the male master's popularity dropped sharply by 30 points Ling Niannian, who only wants to brush points, is not discouraged. She insists on doing tasks every day, and has been defeated and defeated repeatedly until the score falls below 10, you will be punished by the system Ling Niannian, who died in the society, was finally discouraged and decided to give up and live in the present from then on, she began to stay away from the male owner, tore the green tea by hand, and devoted herself to her career with the rise of career gangsters, Ling Niannian ran into Cheng Yuming on various occasions. You can't hide What's more outrageous is that she found that men's favor with her has been rising what the hell there is an old saying that goes well: men are cheap Cheng Yuming: bitch, stay away from me later Cheng Yuming: honey, come to my arms [small theater] Ling Niannian leaned lazily on the sofa with a glass of juice: Haunted every day, are you a dog Cheng Yuming grabs the juice, presses her down on the sofa and presses her against the tip of her nose: woof woof Ling Niannian OS:... Crazy What about the cold President?

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