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Xianjun, your demon master runs with the ball

Xianjun, your demon master runs with the ball

Xianjun, your demon master runs with the ball

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    Xianjun, your demon master runs with the ball
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    Childe's seventeen
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    18ws Read
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2022-01-15 03:09:25
This book is also known as "water flowing stream". The female master is beautiful and strong. The male master has the strength to pet his wife. The sweet pet has no abuse. He doesn't regret entering the pit heaven and earth are dark and yellow, and the universe is in famine on the day of the Chinese New Year's day, Zhan Kong, the little shopkeeper of shuixingjian, received a very beautiful man. Red clothes are better than blood and are as beautiful as heaven I thought I was just a little fox who secretly touched the upper world, but I didn't expect that this man was the devil Lord who frightened the sixth world... Zhan Kong: "I've seen the devil Lord's grandmother." devil's grandmother: "... Shopkeeper, you'd better continue to call me Xin'er!" as the Supreme Master of the devil world, Jun Ying has dominated the sixth world for hundreds of thousands of years, It was the Lord of the fairyland. When the dead old man saw her, he had to bite his teeth and smile. I didn't think that once the upper boundary was pinched to death by the shopkeeper of a small tea shop "Ah Ying, Xin'er... If there is no you in the six realms, I will kill the six realms. If there is no you in reincarnation, I will destroy the reincarnation!!" reincarnation? What is that who cares about the three lives? What Zhan Kong wants is the life of Junying!

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