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Quick wear: plan to save the sick villain

Quick wear: plan to save the sick villain

Quick wear: plan to save the sick villain

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    Quick wear: plan to save the sick villain
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    Its cat puff card
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    Happy Novel
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2022-01-23 15:06:33
Sida, the only female war god in the divine world, lost her divine knowledge and memory in three thousand worlds after the war between gods and demons. Only by completing the task and saving the villains can she return to the divine position but it's hard to be a villain, and it's even harder to save the villain. Every day, Si TA jumps between sacrificing herself and assassinating the villain [host! You see how pathetic this villain is, like a beautiful flower] can we have a gentle pity and put down the knife in your hand first What if your host always wants to kill the villain? Wait online, very urgent it was not until most of the task was completed and Sita planned to retire with success that she suddenly realized that she didn't know when she fell into the pit dug by these villains and couldn't climb out again hiss, the little white rabbit turns into a big gray wolf. Why is this different from the script of slapping men and women< Br> [Princess and slave] , "Your Highness says that he will not throw away the white again, and where is he going to escape?" , "no matter where your highness escapes, the minister will personally bring you back, day by day in the palace, as the princess of a single man." [Master and evil] br> "It's wrong that I was born in the world, but you are my only belief. It's all in your mind to become an immortal." [green plum and bamboo horse]

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