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Celestial beads

Celestial beads

Celestial beads

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    Celestial beads
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    Floating world joy
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2022-01-24 00:04:25
"Princess Taiping of the Tianchen Dynasty was once Princess Yongyi. She was born in the Xiao family of the East China Sea. She is the daughter of Princess Zhaoyang of the town. She is beautiful, intelligent and transparent. In the 15th year of her life, she helped calm the chaos of Jianxing and made contributions to the country, so she was granted the title of Princess Taiping. In the 17th year of her second year of Xinghe, she invited her husband to reach the state of Changpo Zhang in the Ming Dynasty. She was the wife of Yingge Galen, preaching the art of hundred works and civilized etiquette So that the sky and the sky will be good for a hundred years. Because ingelgalon died of illness, Xinghe returned to his country in 23 years. Jianlong died in the 18th year of his reign at the age of more than 66. " Tianchen Dynasty: biography of Princess